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John hadn’t had a job in a while, and had no way to pay off his massive debt that he had accumulated over the few years of college; he wanted to be a doctor. He had the grades for it, and he had the compassion, but he just didn’t have the money.

One summer while school was out, he had sent in a resume to just about every place he could think of. Except the Holmes’ manor, where he knew a job would be waiting for him. He finally let out a deep sigh the second week of no interviews, and called up his mother’s landlady. “Missus Hudson? Do you have a job for me, perchance…?”

The elder squealed into the phone, blabbering on about all the things he could do at the Holmes’ manor to help out. He rolled his eyes, even though he had the ghost of a smile licking at his lips. He was secretly pleased. He knew that they would pay him good money for his work, but he just…he never thought he’d be a working boy at some fancy manor on a hill.

On his first day, he was introduced to Mister Mycroft Holmes, the apparent “man of the house.” Mrs Holmes was on some vacation, and the younger Holmes was off in his study somewhere. Mr Holmes showed the young man around the grounds.

"You are strictly prohibited from entering any of the common rooms without permission from one of us, do you understand?"

John nodded. Being at the ripe age of twenty four, he really didn’t care what went on in the common rooms. He just wanted to have a job and get money—fast.

The young man was picking at one of the gardens, his white tank drenched with sweat from the summer sun already. He wiped at his brow and looked up at the sky, the blinding blue dotted with white tufts of cloud. The sun shone brightly in the middle of the sky. He wasn’t even sure what time it was, but he figured he had been out on the grounds for at least three hours. John heaved a sigh and continued picking weeds.

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